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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at


While we don't always prepare our food with nuts we are NOT a nut free facility. If you have nut allergies, we advise against ordering with us. 

Please check ingredients prior to delivery. If there is dairy, we suggest logging in to your account and skipping that week. We do not offer custom orders at this time. 

Please check ingredients prior to delivery. If there is something that doesn't work for you, we suggest logging in to your account and skipping that week. We do not offer custom orders at this time.


The meal is best served on the day of delivery. However, it will stay fresh for an additional 3-4 days in the fridge. Freezing it is a great option too! The pasta maintains its texture and taste better than the fridge. Frozen-fresh pasta is still better than any store bought dry pasta!

Absolutely not! There's no cutting, slicing or prep work with Pasta Night. We give you everything you need along with a set of super easy instructions to have dinner ready in no time at all. 

One portion of pasta is approximately 150 grams. We also include more than enough sauce with each portion to satisfy any sauce lover. 


No, all orders are packaged to keep everything fresh for as long as possible. We use recyclable insulation inside of boxes and ice packs to do this. 

We recommend that customers double check the temperature of the food before preparation. If it is not sufficiently cold, please contact us for a full refund. Our policy is to ensure you never pay for anything that you cannot eat. 

All deliveries are 100% contactless. You'll receive an alert when your order is on its way and when it has arrived. As far as the kitchen goes, our chefs are world class. They maintain the same standards as the absolute highest end restaurants in Toronto.

All orders made by 11pm Saturday will be made fresh and shipped out the following Monday. Any orders made after this point will roll over to the next Monday. We are working on including additional delivery days soon!

According to Washington State University "meal kits actually result in 33 percen t fewer emissions than those meals made from grocery store purchases (Heard et al.). This is possible because the “last mile” is streamlined between the warehouse and the consumer. By skipping the retail stage, emissions are saved due to lower energy consumption and less food waste from the retail location itself. In addition, food waste from meal kits comprises just 2 percent of the total emissions of the meal, compared with 10 percent from a grocery store meal. While the considerable amount of packaging that comes with a meal kit does comprise 7 percent of total emissions compared with just 4 percent of total emissions for a meal from the grocery store (Heard et al.), the comparative environmental benefits in terms of food mile emissions and food waste outweigh the downsides of additional packaging."

We also offset our environmental impact by planting trees.  


Login to your account, click subscriptions and select your plan. From here, you can pause, cancel or skip payments. 

If you're unable to find your password, you can click "forgot your password" to reset it. If you don't have one set up, click "create account" and use the same email used on your order. 

Account set up is not required when ordering our meal kits. If you’d like to set up an account so you can manage your orders- send a quick email to and we will forward a link to complete set up. 

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